Sony Ericsson's MS500 is palm sized audio pleasure

sony_ericsson_ms-500_1.jpgWireless speakers are great aren’t they? Why should you limit you music to the confines of your headphones, when there are plenty of audible units willing to house it for you? Take the MS500 for instance. According to the press release, Sony Ericsson’s MS500 Outdoor Wireless Speaker “gives you the festival experience wherever you are or want to go”. But this trendy little speaker isn’t limited to festival related audio – you may want the clubbing experience, or the tranquil experience or even the moshing experience. The MS500 can handle it – it’s been designed to satisfy your inner audiophile. You can even use your phone as a remote when streaming your music via Bluetooth.

Previous portable speakers from the Sony Ericsson family have been decent pieces of audio kit, so it’s presumable the MS500 will be no different. However, being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and pumping out a mere 2W, of course means it won’t be able to match the sound system you have at home, complete with subwoofer (if you want that kind of portable sound you’d better invest in a trolley).

When you’re outdoors, the MS500 can take unanticipated splashes, it’s pretty durable too, so it’ll be able to take a few knocks when you’re being clumsy. As you can see from the image, there’s also a strap to attach it to your bag or your wrist when your hands are tied (or to prevent someone from stealing it). Available in orange and black or pink and white, the MS500 has a wireless range of 10m and will run for up to 5hrs on two AA batteries. No word on pricing or availability though.

Sony Ericsson

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