Dell challenges the MacBook Air with the Adamo

adamo2_w300.jpgDell has opted for slim and stylish with this rather stunning laptop, officially known as the Adamo. Not only is it good looking but Dell must be feeling pretty smug right about now for confidently claiming ‘the world’s thinnest laptop” title, knocking the MacBook Air into third place (the second place going to HPs Voodoo Envy). The single piece of aluminium covering its entire chassis, its ‘scalloped’ backlit keyboard and edge-to-edge 13.4-inch glass display all serve to emphasise the Adamo’s beauty, making it all the more covetable.

It’s brains aren’t as attractive as it’s outer shell, but they are still decent. Underneath the hood you’ll find a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM 128GB SSD, integrated Intel X4500 graphics, 16:9 HD display, WiFi, Bluetooth and a decent amount of connectivity (2.1, 2x USB and 1x USB/eSATA combo port).

This is the first in a line of high end Adamo project and starting prices aren’t for the frugal – from £1,649. But with that, Dell will treat you to a set of matching designer accessories, completely free. Or you could just include those in the price to justify your purchase. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a range of accessories to tempt you into parting with more cash, including exclusive TUMI bags and 250GB/500GB external hard drives. It’s shelf-bound for March 26th, giving you plenty of time to perfect your posing walk.

[via T3]

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Lucy Hedges