Facebook in bed – bad for your sleep


Tech in the bed is affecting the nation’s sleep. Apparently one in three of us admit that using smartphones in bed is negatively impacting our sleep.

And looks like Facebook is one of the big culprits. I remember one of my housemates describing to me how he hated himself for checking Facebook before he went to sleep, and how it made him all nervous and gave him that twitchy unsatisfied feeling that long Facebook sessions do, but how he couldn’t stop himself doing it.

I leave my phone on the other side of the room.

Research from mattress brand Tempur confirms all these suspicions with some statistics:

· 37 per cent of us admit that the use of smartphones while in bed is negatively impacting our sleep
· Brits spend on average 21 minutes every day checking Facebook and surfing the web while in bed
· One in five (20 per cent) of us admit that checking Facebook and Twitter profiles is the last thing we do before going to sleep
· A quarter of us admit that excessive use of smartphones in bed has led to arguments with their partner

They surveyed 3,000 people in March this year.

Of course you can’t switch it off ’cause that’s what everyone has their alarm on these days, but don’t put it on your bedside table if you can humanly help it.

Anna Leach


  • Well that’s on your case, but for me facebook is very helpful through facebook a can reach my relatives outside the country. Through facebook we share and cherish our memories together. It became bad…when you use it in the bad way…it’s on the way how you use facebook though.

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