Twilight – NHS advertise dental care to young people with vampires

We like to report on vampires here, as well as consumer technology, and above all, we like to encourage people to go to the dentist.

So naturally we are delighted to see that the NHS have adopted some kind of Twilight-parody to encourage young men to go to the dentist.

Great – don’t tell them it’s actually young women who dig the whole vampire thing. If it encourages more young people to like vampires that’s good enough for us…

Anna Leach


  • The video was fun. What started off like a horror movie ended up as an ad about bad breath, when the victim tells the vampire that she cannot stand his bad breath. The moral of the story; visit your dentist regularly for an oral check up and have your teeth and gums cleaned every time.

  • Thanks for providing me with such a beautiful overview on the topic.attached video is awesome!!

  • Unique post, I kinda’ enjoyed the video, though I also learned something. :)

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