RickRoll the Movie is real: Will star Youtube's Greatest, but no lolcats

No – we ain’t joking with you, a movie studio truly is making a video based on the life of Rick Astley, the singer who unwittingly launched one of the biggest memes in modern history.

Business Insider reports that the film is to be called “The Chronicles of RickRoll” and that it will star the heros of several other well-loved memes including Double Rainbow Man (a hiker with a lot of wonder to express about the natural world) and Antoine Dodson (an American dude who shot to fame after a tv interview where he threatened a man who tried to rape his sister.)

Forget the bloody Oscars – these are the true stars of the screen. Though – as one youtube commenter points out – “I demand a keyboard cat on this shit” – many great memes have been left behind..

Anna Leach