Opinion: The iPad 2 – why was the CEO of tech titan Apple talking to us about a magnetic blanket?


Is it just me or was there something a bit strange about the CEO of the world’s most financially successful consumer technology company spending over five minutes near the start of his keynote presentation telling us about a magnet-enabled blanket?

“It’s not a case, it’s a cover and it’s not just a cover, it’s a smart cover” Steve said with the weighty demeanor of a man touched by the hand of history, but really, where was the wow-factor? Let’s face it. This was just a clicky blanket.

I have to say that a lot of that hour long presentation was devoted to apps too. Great apps yes, certainly, but are two apps the best thing that the mighty Apple can come up with? Small companies make great apps. Apple overtook Microsoft this year as the most highly valued tech company on the stock exchange. Video and music editing software already exists! Why aren’t they thinking bigger?

Oh yes then there was also the fact that the iPad 2 would come in white too. Cute yes, but hardly a break-through in technology.

I am moaning. Sure Apple were pushing forward tech in many respects: getting such a good battery that thin is definitely an achievement, having a screen sensitive enough to discern how hard you touch the screen and adjusting a sound produced accordingly – that’s kind of beautiful. And well, the new chip looks nice – and is obviously tuned really sweetly to user interface. Though I have seen 1.2GHz dual core chips before. Don’t mention cameras. They have been around on mobile devices since the 90s.

Was this focus on two apps, a case and a colour change an example of the famous Apple attention to detail or was it just a lack of big new ideas?

Apple’s thing has often been to take an existing idea (tablet computers/personal music players) and make a million little tweaks that make a good idea into a good product.

But still – we need to see more innovation here, I liked it, but I wasn’t gasping. Except at some of the Apple team’s hilarious lines: my current favourites from my notes from the night –

“we haven’t invented a cure for autism, but -” (apple video)
“It’s been I define a miracle as something that comes in and changes your life in a way you think could never happen.” (apple video)
“You won’t believe it! it uses magnets” (steve)

Come on. Apple – where next?! lead us somewhere exciting!

Anna Leach


  • i think the case sucks,
    my reasons without testing:
    1 im sure the magnets that stick to the aluminum body end up scratching it, its a metal to metal contact.

    2 if the ipad falls the body is unprotected in the back, you might need another case =(

    3 they never show how do you hold the ipad when the case is opened, i would like to see how handy it feels when opened.

    i call it a case because it’s main purpose is to be a protective aid.

  • Diner

    Are you are exciting iPad 2 user? So I think you are knowing about new world with technology. Gizmodo got an early peak at the new iPad 2:

    How do they keep getting one step ahead of apple?

  • The difference between Steve Jobs and you, Anna, is that Jobs is in touch with what consumers really want and you are not which is why he can sell millions of iPads and you just write complaints about the device.

    My fiance surprised me today. She is not someone who has a historic interest in tech, yet this morning she was all excited because she had seen the iPad touted on the morning TV news and one of the things she was excited about was the cover and the way it folds and how the colors soften the device and make it inviting.

    Those covers are going to bring buyers in like you wouldn’t believe. The apps will bring in millions more. The technology side that you are hinting at will never be a big deal for the mainstream user but colors and fun and useful apps will bring them in by the truckload. Steve Jobs knows this but apparently you do not.

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