A Hisptamatic for PCs.. Lo-Fi turns snaps into murky retro wonders


Ah finally – a Hipstamatic for those us without iPhones, or even Macs. Available to the humble PC user Lo-Fi is a photo effect tool that makes digital photos into retro handmade snapshots.

We love that stuff. Lo-Fi doesn’t just put a set filter over your pictures, it does a random thing which means each one can be different..

“You can mix a wide range of effects from the film world, such as grain, colorful cross processing, lens blur, light leaks, and frames. All these happy accidents of film photography combine to give each photo its own quirky personality. It’s easy to use! Just drag your photos onto Lo-Fi, hit randomize, and you end up with a surprising variety of cool old snapshots.”

Okay – the catch is that it’s lots more expensive than Hipstamatic – a cool $29.

Lo-Fi sells for US$29 USD at www.lofiapp.com

Anna Leach