The Hacker Watch knows where you are – and will tell your Facebook friends..

If the Foursquare and Facebook Places users among you find checking in to places on your phone to be a drag.. there’s now a super-smart watch that will let you do it all from the comfort of your own wrist.

The inPulse Smart Watch does a whole host of stuff, and one of those things – as demo-ed by the cute engineer above- is to let you check in on Foursquare or Facebook via your watch. The InPulse can host a bunch of apps too and will actually let you write your own for the gadget… If you’re handy with these things you too could probably tinker out an app like that too..

To get access to Foursquare and Facebook and so on it needs to have internet – and it gets that through setting up a Bluetooth connection with your phone or laptop. It’ll work with your Android phone, BlackBerry, PC/Mac/Linux – but not iPhone, unless it’s jailbroken.

The inPulse Smart Watch metallic silver model costs $149 while the black anodized model costs $199, both from GetInPulse

Anna Leach


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