10 Things you should do when you get the white iPad

11_white.jpgThe iPad 2 will be available in a white version from launch. In the UK that’s slated to be the 20th March.

You are getting the white one right? Here are ten things you should do with it:

1) Make the “squee” sound: it’s a different colour.

2) Put it next to white things: pieces of paper, trays of milk

3) Put it next to the black one.

4) Put it next to a unicorn horn.

5) Get a see-through case for it.

6) Get a see-through case with diamante detailing for it.

7) Cover the back with paper and pretend to write on it, but actually you’re not because it just looks like that

8) Make it a bed of white pebbles

9) Bury it in the snow.

10) Insure it.

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Anna Leach


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