Overboard: sturdy waterproof laptop bags for the commuter


Protect your laptop from the stresses of the commute with one of the messenger bags from Overboard’s new range for Spring.

I don’t what your commute involves, but these bags can handle pretty much anything you throw at them. Heavily-padded and bump-proof, they have waterproof bottoms and the special Waterproof edition can even handle being submersed in water for several seconds. Don’t know how often that happens on the 08:03 commuter train, but hey, if that’s what you’re looking for… this is the bag for you.

We like the neat but rucksacky looks.

The Adventure Messenger bag is available now in black or white for £44.99
The Waterproof Roll-Top Messenger bag is available now for £44.99.

Both on the OverBoard web store www.overboard.com

Anna Leach


  • A durable, waterproof bag is always great…especially if you live in England and want to protect your laptop

  • It’s important to have some waterproofing for those rainy days and for spills.

    I can’t see much need for full waterproofing on a normal commute but where it comes in useful is for activities such as sailing where you take a laptop aboard a yacht and risk dropping it momentarily.

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