Carry-on bag that is also a chair and a desk: Walkin' Bag takes luggage to new places


Wheelie bags just got better. They are now also chairs and desks.

Walkin’ Bags are the kind of thing Wallace & Gromit would invent, if they were real. It’s a wheelie bag that can transform into a simple chair and a desk. Designed for the frequent traveller who is often having to balance things on their lap and stand around in queues, it just makes life a bit easier at stressful moments.

I’d like them to build a coffee dispenser and reading light into the next one…

There are different models of Walkin’ Bags, but the JetCart model is $170.00 from
See more models on the site

Anna Leach


  • The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast, and you miss all you are traveling for.

  • Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject!

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