Google Streetview now lets you see inside museums

In a great move for making culture accessible – Google have opened up some of the world’s greatest museums on Streetview. Institutions including the New York MOMA, the Uffizi in Florence and the Tate Modern in London are now visible through the 360degree photo project that is Google Streetview.

They’re also available on a dedicated site – the Art Project site Google created specially for it.

The Art Project provides close-up detailed images of individual pictures while streetview allows for more of a virtual gallery feel giving a direct experience of being in there.

You can create your own virtual art collection too…

It’s great to have this resource online..

[via BusinessInsider]
Anna Leach


  • Wow!! I’ll be really an interesting experience to roam about the street in Google maps.

  • Any chance you could fix the “artproject” link, I tried to click it a few times but comes as no such addy!!

    many thanks

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