Foodily: A Facebook for Food?

Our first video redux from Phillip Bensaid on Vimeo.

It’s not like your yoghurt has now got a Facebook profile – but recipe amalgamater Foodily is using the internet to make food more social.

Eating is one of those things that has been social since cavemen sat around eating wild boar in a circle, Foodily just updates that for the social media era.

So the core of the site is not that revoluntionary – it’s an amalgamater of recipes from commercial recipe sites all over the world, allowing you to search for recipes minus certain ingredients, or including certain ingredients – if you happen to have loads of blueberries for example.

The design is great – we love the side-ways scroll and prioritising of pictures (this would make a lovely iPad app) but what’s particularly interesting is the integration of Facebook – like recipes, see what recipes your friends like and see which recipes are the most popular around the world.

My gripe however, is that you have to leave foodily to see the full recipe – because it’s just a content curator of course – not the actual creator of it.

Anna Leach

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