Tablet PC Wishlist – 10 things Tablets Need to Have


With hundreds of tablets unleashed onto the public at CES, from powerhorses that are practically just desktop computers with the keyboard cut off to things that are glorified mobile phones, I just thought I’d take some time to tell the tech industry, what I, a keen consumer want from a tablet. And what I don’t want from a tablet.

The Ten Things I Want from a Tablet by A Consumer (Me)

1) I have a laptop thank you
And it’s a real pain to lug around, so I don’t want another 3kg to carry about, I want something that is going to be significantly more convenient, that I can drop into my bag without a second thought.

2) I also have a phone thanks
You have to offer me something a bit more than just a phone with a large screen. Probably

3) I’m not going to be using Photoshop or Microsoft Word on my tablet
To reiterate, I have a laptop computer, so I’m more likely to be using this tablet thing in transit or while I’m lying on the sofa and can’t be bothered to go over to the desk. It’s going to be for sketches or notes not complex photo editing or fully-fledged thousand word documents.

4) I will be using it to communicate. 3G internet is a must (4G even better)
And that means 3G. Or possibly 4G.

5) Media playing must be good
This is going to be an entertainment device, filling in the boring gaps while I wait for trains, tide myself over commercial breaks and sit in the bus. So I want the entertainment factor to be good.

6) I’d like to be able to afford it
I’m prepared to shell out for technology, I love this stuff! But this is going to have to be on the right side of £200 to get me interested. Otherwise a nice data package is ideal – £15 a month is fine. Even better if it can be tied into some kind of deal

7) I want apps & games and I’m prepared to pay (a bit) for them
I love apps and that Android app store is a winner as far as the current crop of tables is concerned.

8) I want to be able to Skype my mum
That means a forward-facing camera. I don’t want this to be lower-specced than my iPhone for goodness sake.

9) I want it to be compatible with my other gadgets. And not just a bluetooth keyboard.
Whether that’s being able to view videos and pictures on the TV or sending music wirelessly to my existing speakers, this is going to be very important, and in an ideal world there would be standards allowing for this across different manufacturers.

10) Battery life
Lots of it. I already have to plan my life around making sure my iPhone has enough charge. I’d just like it to last a day on one charge easy, two days would be great.

That’s all. Thanks very much.

Anna Leach


  • This is a great list. I summed mine up to… I want to take the insides of a MacBook Air and place them in an ipad shell. I want this combination so badly I have started talking to others about this modification and what it will take. So far it seems plausible but could end up slightly heavier and thicker than the ipad currently.

  • Hmm number 6, 9 and 10 kinda rule out an iPad or any Apple product,

    as would number 11, must be compatible with all (web) standards tech, and future proof
    number 12 configurable, don’t tell me how to use my own tech
    number 14 hardware must be upgradeable
    yeah i know missed 13, ;)

    pretty good list

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