#CES: The Motorola Xoom: an Android tablet to rival the iPad


Shooting in right at the top of the hotly contested tablet PC category, the Motorola Xoom is a tablet to look out for and offers some strong competition to the iPad and the Galaxy Tab.

It’s built on top of Google Android’s Honeycomb operating system, specially designed for tablets and cuts a

Larger than both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad the 10.1-inch Xoom from Motorola it also packs a lot of the hardware features that the Apple gadget lacks – cameras for example. It has a 5megapixel back camera with flash, and a front-facing 2megapixel one for video chat. Nice.

It runs on a dual-core 1GHz processor and will ship with a 3G radio for wireless broadband to start, but can be upgraded to 4G Long Term Evolution through a hardware modem swap later this year.

No pricing or dates as yet…

Anna Leach


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