Apple opens App Store for MacBooks: The Five Key Features


It’s as if they were trying to tease some publicity away from the big consumer electronics show Apple chose today to launch apps for their Macbook computers.

We’ve known this was coming for a while – the app store for Mac is a natural extension of their incredibly successful app stores for iPhone and iPad – but it has launched with a bang and 1000 apps today.

Key features:

1) Easy to use – the Mac app store promises to be as easy to use and navigate as the iPhone and iPad ones.

2) Apps will go to your dock – will it get a bit full there? Yes, you’re probably going to have to shift these around a bit, and your desktop will start to look a bit more like your iPhone’s home screen.

3) A few of the 1000 apps on the store are adapted versions of iPhone and iPad ones – like Flight Simulator, a popular game, but most of them are specifically designed for the Mac.

4) Currently most of the apps on the store are utilities.
Things like Compartments (iTunes link) and LittleSnapper (iTunes link).

5) Mac apps are pricier than iPhone apps – on average. Probably because the Mac-based ones are more fully-fledged pieces of software: apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand sell for $14.99 for example.

Anna Leach

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