How fashion blogger Elin King is now designing the clothes she used to write about: her H&M deal

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From designer labels to high-street retailers, the fashion industry has long been
aware of the importance of bloggers.

For example, take the story of 13-year-old Tavi Gevinson whose blog Style
Rookie has had her receiving attention from designers, mountains of special
gifts, magazine appearances and a front row seat at a number of catwalk shows.

So, it comes as no surprise to hear that Scandinavian retailer H&M has turned to
a fashion blogger to design pieces for its latest line.

The blogger in question is Elin King who, after setting up Style By Kling back in
2007 (now here on has become an online fashion icon.

On her blog, Kling says that the collection will consist of nine pieces and two
accessories, all with a light and minimalist feel with Bohemian influences.

She goes on to say, “to be the first to do this kind of Swedish co-operation with
H&M feels incredibly flattering and fun. It has been very inspiring to be working
so closely with the H&M design team and I’m very happy with the results.”

This collaboration shows that bloggers will increasingly play a key part in
the world of fashion, whether this be as consultants, commentators or even
designers. It also proves to bloggers everywhere that their voice counts and with
a passion for a particular industry and a love of blogging you can achieve big

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  • ist einer der günstigsten Anbieter für Einstecktücher. Hier kann man nichts falsch machen, zumal alle erdenklichen Farben angeboten werden. Faltanleitungen findet man dort auch.

  • Great story on the how fashion can be influenced by the people as opposed to the top-down relationship that seems to have been in place for many decades.

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