Check out: Roostie – is music site the new MySpace?

1588thumb.jpgA mixture of a record label and MySpace, Roostie is a website that hosts the profiles, music, gigs and media for new bands.

The difference with MySpace is that there is a selection process in Roostie – so only bands or singers that their music panel thinks are good enough make it onto their roster. They say they are aimed at unsigned bands and at music fans who want to find new bands. Well actually, they are kind of aimed at everybody. They list the people who they think would benefit from their site:

The website is for you if you are:
>A new artist/band who wants exposure
>An un-signed artist/band who is hoping to get noticed
>A signed artist/band who wants to accommodate its fans on Roostie
>An independent artist/band who wants further exposure
>An established artist/band who wants to accommodate its fans on Roostie
>An artist/band who is currently being managed by Vaccoda (the makers of Roostie)
>A venue who gives exposure to artists/bands
>A promoter who wants more exposure for events
>Record labels, producers and music management who want to increase exposure for their artist/band
>And lastly, MUSIC FANS EVERYWHERE who love to discover the next big thing and enjoy exploring new artists and music inside AND outside the mainstream charts!

On first impressions, I’m not taken by their design – too busy – but the idea is interesting.

Anna Leach


  • Myspace is going down, so if Roostie can be more famous as myspace, it would make more achivements than mayspace.

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