FACEBOOK DEALS: Announcement today

Facebook launched a new service called Facebook Deals. Using Facebook Places, Facebook ads and the Facebook networks.it will bring a new sort of social buying and offer a new way to monetise Facebook’s network.

Joanna Shields Facebook VP EMEA said it would help “brands and businesses share and connect with our users”.

She said: “The service will reward us when we check into stores and giving us deals for their friends.”

Anna Leach

One thought on “FACEBOOK DEALS: Announcement today

  • Facebook places growing too fast!!Can Facebook places really beat Foursquare? I see some sites like http://WorkplaceTalk.com people can use can use to talk about places they check in and to share office gossip anonymously that are already built on top of facebook places. The advantage facebook has compared to other sites is Huge Huge user base.. Time will only tell who wins!!!

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