Facebook Deals philosophy: The wisdom of friends, not the wisdom of crowds

Facebook spokespeople discussed the philosophy behind the new Facebook Deals programme at the launch in Facebook Europe. Emily White Director of Local flew in from the States to explain that it meant harnessing the wisdom of friends rather than the wisdom of crowds – a shift from the traditional model of the internet.

White said that her first web identity was an anonymous one with just her initials, she said that now seemed ridiculous as we are in an age when having an authentic identity on the internet is essential. “When I chose that name I was worried it was too revealing about who I am and where I was. The idea that we would be inauthentic in our relationship with our friends is ridiculous.”

“Facebook connects friends online – from the mundane, to the profound. We’re shifting from the wisdom of crowds to the wisdom of friends.”

In what was a clear dig at Google VP Joanna Shields said : “We used to go to the internet to search for things, now we go to connect with our friends”

“Life is all about serendipity – now the internet is too.”

She also said Facebook Deals will “Empowers people in their shopping experiences”.

Anna Leach