A flip-out bum-bag for iPad: The way to look like a dork


Cancel out any cool kudos that iPad brings you by casing it in this little piece of geek-gear that affixes it to your stomach.

In many ways this kangaroo style front cradle looks kind of useful. Convenient and safe, it lets you operate your iPad with just one hand. And you could sort of cuddle your iPad a bit – if you want to.

But brushing aside the practical advantages of the Assero Defender case, we come to the cruel bare heart of the matter – it will make you look like a dork with a weird sort of bib. Or a terrorist – because let’s face it, people don’t usually strap things to their chests in normal society.

The Assero Defender costs $130 and is available in a smaller version too – the $90 Protector: both strap to the front of your body and include a number of straps and pockets

Anna Leach

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  • hey that’s really cool!!we can use this while traveling & all the more it has so many pockets so need to carry any other bag also..nice!

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