Poll: Facebook's "See Friendship" function – do we like it?


Facebook’s new “see friendship” feature whipped out over the weekend replaces the old wall-to-wall and using some stalkery magic creates a page that looks something like the one above.

Kind of like a magazine of your friendship or some cheesy yearbook page.

It puts a picture of the two of you at the top, it pulls up any posts you’ve written on each others’ walls, pictures you’ve been tagged in together, events you’ve both attended and pages you both like.

EVEN BETTER: you can browse the friendships of other people, though both of them have to be your friends. Or least, you see more if they are both your friends. “See Friendship” doesn’t make any more information available than before, it just organises it differently.

Okay, whether we like it or not, it’s now there – but what do you think of it?

Anna Leach