Before Curing your Back Problem, Surgeons will Practise on an iPad


No – the iPad doesn’t have the same musculo-skeletal structure as you… (anatomically it probably resembles a flat turtle more than anything else) but it can be a useful tool for doctors and orthopaedic surgeons.

App-makers Clinically Relevant Technologies are all over making medical apps and they’ve just released one to help medical students understand stuff about bones and suchlike. Textbooks on iPad are a boom industry with some universities providing freshmen students with a free device. Okay, one university.

Clinically Relevant Technologies say:
“CORE is your portable, expert reference tool for diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. The Clinical Orthopedic Exam offers you a robust database of almost 250 clinical tests with descriptions on how to perform them, video demonstrations, diagnostic properties and links to supporting medical references.”

That’s uh $39.99 so probably only worth it if you’re really into your musculoskeletal clinical tests.

iPads get used a lot in teaching as a good way to pack a lot of detailed text books into one slim device, because they can play multimedia content like videos and allow for quick searches for content and ability to add notes in the margins.

[CORE, $34.99 on iTunes]
Anna Leach