Yes that doodle on your iPad could be Art, David Hockney says so


British artist David Hockney is like well into Apple, and he’s gone so far as to say iPads are better than paper and canvas in several ways…

Hockney uses his iPad to knock a few little drawings (he uses the Brushes app) and he finds there are several advantages:
– sharing. You can’t post a canvas to your Facebook page with two clicks now can you…
– no tidying up afterwards..”It’s a real privilege to make these works of art through digital tools which mean you don’t have the bother of water, paints, and the chore of clearing things away,” he says
– getting to use two hands: Hockney is right-handed but uses his left too on the iPad touchscreen, he says it gives the sketches a quality that he can’t get with traditional one-handed brush and pen work.

He’s even displaying his work on iPads in Paris. Though I have to say that thought of just using an iPad as a digital photo frame pains me slightly. All that unused functionality…

[via BBC]
Anna Leach