10 Things We Do Not Want for Christmas


Maybe it’s something you’d rather just buy yourself, maybe it clutters more than it helps or maybe it’s damn useless contraption that fills you with aggravation everytime you look at its winking little LEDs.

A survey of almost 2,000 Brits by the British Video Association asked respondents to detail their unused and unwanted gifts. This was what they didn’t like. Take note and make sure you avoid them this Christmas:

Digital photo frames
Foot spas
Digital organisers
Electronic Sudoku games
Coffee machines
Digital radios
Electric shavers
Electric toothbrushes
Bread makers

According to the BVA, “other unpopular horrors lurking under the tree include; lady shavers, desk top vacuum cleaners, candy floss machines, yogurt makers, electric shoe polishers, shrink wrap machines and even electronic facial brushes.”

I mean – there is a time and a place for digital radios… but electronic sudoku games? – no.

Anna Leach