Gallery: new Latino Spider-Girl kicks ass

Sure, she’s a lycra-suited 16 year old with the cup-size of a comic book woman. But we like her. And hey as the Guardian points out.. Spiderman wears tights all the time anyway. We always dig a power-woman especially if she can swing between buildings. So here are a couple of snaps of Spider-Girl.

Spider-Girl – aka Anya Corazon – is a 16-year-old high-school student of Latino descent who lives in New York. She is a trained martial artist and likes to bust the ass of baddies by kicking and punching them.

A previous incarnation of Spider Girl was the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, first published back in 1969 called May Mayday Parker. Anya is a different character, with her own comic on sale for the first time today.

Marvel Comics say they introduced her because of the numbers of young women reading comics who wanted to see some strong female characters.

SpiderGirl is on sale in US shops from today, there’s more info on it on the Marvel site

Anna Leach

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  • Oh latino spider-girl…She could be a threat for Cat woman to be the girl of our friendly neighbor “Spiderman”…lol

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