Call Facebook Friends from Skype – new Skype launches today also has group video!


Skype has just launched a collaboration with Facebook that will allow you to call your Facebook friends from within Skype.

The new version of Skype for PC launched today will also pull your Facebook news feed into the Skype interface.

You can even call people who don’t have Skype, providing they have provided their phone number on their Facebook profile. To call mobile phones or landlines you need to have some Skype credit, though calls are cheaper than straightforward phone to phone calls. If your friend has included their Skype name in their Facebook profile then you can ring them on that whether they have signed in to Skype or not.

The other exciting development in the new Skype is group video calling. Previously you could only do video calls on one-on-one calls, now you can add up to ten people and see them all as well as hear them.


Skype 5.0 for Windows is available to download from now from the Skype website

Anna Leach