Twitter users – older than you think..

1089thumb.jpgI’d have put the average age of Twitterers at – oo – 32 or something. But it’s actually a bit older than I suspected, 39.

Where social networks used to be seen as places teenagers hung out and poked each other, it seems that Twitter has a very respectable middle aged bulge.

The results of the survey confirm an opinion that got a lot of publicity last year – that teenagers don’t use Twitter. Other social networking sites like MySpace [31] and Bebo of course have younger user profiles. Not surprisingly, Linked-In is even older with an average age of 44. Facebook’s is 38.

Maybe Twitter’s slightly older audience is due to its early champion Stephen Fry pulling in a more mature audience for the networking site. It is also quite a professional tool, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s people with serious jobs who use and enjoy it more.

Anna Leach


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