French people more likely to swear in tech reviews than other nations

1087curse1.jpgThe French do have a reputation for expressing their passions more freely than us Brits. Turns out that applies to tech reviews as well as to matters of the heart. which publishes user-generated technology reviews from countries across Europe (UK, France, Spain, Poland and Russia) found that the French speaking reviewers were the ones most likely to use swear-words.

They analysed the 1.5million reviews on their site for swear words. These were the results by nationality:

“French reviewers are by far the likeliest to resort to bad language to express their frustrations, swearing 4.5 times more than average. Spain came second, swearing 3.3 times more than average and Poland came in third. British consumers actually swear 20% less than the average and Russians half the average.”

When Brits do get upset, they tend to describe things as either “rubbish” (the most commonly-used insult) or “cheap and nasty”.

The most common causes for bad language are mobile phones, making up 18% of reviews containing swearwords, followed by laptops at 13% of unpublishable reviews and poor customer service at 10%.

0.3% of reviews on are rejected for having offensive language in them…

Anna Leach