Royal Mail make a Smart Stamp: stamps are suddenly interesting

If you thought stamps with pictures of railways on them were boring – think again. Royal Mail have just released the coolest stamp of a train ever. It’s a smart stamp that has a code that can be read by Android handsets or iPhones.

Scanning the stamp with the right app lets you unlock a video of famous British poet W H Auden reading his rollicking poem about a train – Night Train. What? you didn’t expect Lady Gaga did you? A David Milliband strip show? No. That’s a whole different stamp.

It would be great if the person who sent you the letter could attach a video of their own choice to the stamp. Though I suppose, if they really wanted to send you a video, they would email you right?

Stamps will never be the same again.

The application is available from iTunes and Android Market free of charge, and the stamps themselves are available from the Royal Mail’s eBay shop.

Anna Leach

One thought on “Royal Mail make a Smart Stamp: stamps are suddenly interesting

  • Well, a tad amazing they dont give the link to the video right on a website. I spoils the impact, because maybe only one in 10,000 will actually go get the app if they dont see something working right now, as a demo. Sorry Royal Mail, you have folks who know nowt about stamps trying to market them, and doing it REALLY badly.

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