Google Instant knows what you want before you type it


Google have just released the most eager and hyperactive iteration of their search engine yet. It’s called instant search and has just been released by Google to browsers all over the world. Type a letter and Google comes up with a whole set of results, type another letter and the page and the results change completely to reflect your new word.

It takes the auto-complete feature to a new level and tries to second-guess what you’re searching for, before you’ve searched for it. When they say “feelings of euphoria and weightlessness are normal” they’re not just joking, it does feel incredibly responsive. Google say it saves 2-5 seconds per search, making you a bit more efficient every day….

It could also seem a bit terrifying, but if you find it too jumpy for you tastes, you can always turn it off in the right-hand corner.

Bizzarely they removed their introductory video from their explanation page…. any ideas why?

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Anna Leach