Why iPhone owners have more sexual partners: Four Reasons

So apparently iPhone owners have more sexual partners than the owners of other leading smartphone brands. Yes, iPhone owners not only have more apps, they also have more paramores. But why oh readers? Why?


Evidence for the trend comes from OkayCupid.com who has data on 9,785 smartphone owners. That’s from little quizzes like ‘the dating persona test’ cross-referenced with information like whether a profile picture was taken on one smartphone or another. Their graph is above.

I’m also interested that female smartphone users of all sorts have more sexual partners than the guys.- I thought men were supposed to sleep around more. But seems that’s not the case with the smartphone elite. Especially if you’re a girl with an iPhone. You win iPhone owning women.

Here at Shiny we like to dig around behind the news so we’ve thought long and hard about this and come up with 4 possible reasons why iPhone users are getting around more than their Blackberry or Android owning counterparts.

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1. Apple has a longstanding reputation as a brand for creatives; creatives have more sexual partners. It’s one of those true stereotypes that artists have more sexual partners. The same can be generically true of people in the creative industries – graphic designers and so on – you know. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, I’m just saying. One commenter on Okay Cupid put it like this: “You’ve only shown that iPhone users are sluttier and/or bigger liars.”
The phrasing just depends on how sex positive you are.

2. iPhone owners like things that look and feel good.
– even if they cost lots and don’t necessarily prove very functional or great value in the long run. iPhones are like flings & one night stands you see!?

3. Android owners tend to be a bit geekier/poorer. Blackberry owners are too busy crunching business deals and working city jobs iPhone owners have both the money and time to go around pursing objects of their desire. Unless they got stuck on one of those little gaming apps that is.

4. There’s an app for that
The only other logical reason here is that all those thousands of love and relationship apps on the iTunes store do actually work. Hey there are sexy text generators, compendiums of chat up lines and apps which beep when someone you might fancy enters within a 100m radius. These must have some impact.

Full stats on OkayCupid blog

Anna Leach


  • it is generally conceived that most of iPhone (and Mac) users are homosexuals, thus the stats. but more does not mean better!

  • iphone users are on average younger than blackberry users. and young people have more sexual partners.

  • It’s not that they get more sex, the results say they have had more partners. Therefore they get dumped more often. Perhaps cos they wont shut up about their phones.

  • Isn’t the most obvious reason that iPhones are the most fashionable option? And people who follow fashions probably have more sex?

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