Shiny Poll: Have we had too much of Hipstamatic?


After a good few months of everyone’s Facebook pictures looking like they’d been taken on grainy colour saturated Lomos, it may be time to call time on the Hipstamatic app for iPhone.

It never made it onto Android (though check out free app PhotoFX on the Android store for a nice and free alternative.)

The photo altering app is definitely really pretty, but might have been a victim of it’s own success as the retro-tinted photos now seem to be everywhere..

On the other hand – it does make those average pictures you took in the park at lunch look darn charming.

If you are searching around for a replacement photo app or perhaps just an alternative, we recommend Camera Bag (£1.19) a photo filter app which is a little more subtle and a little less hipster, and lets you add a range of effects which include different crops as well as different colour filters. (Review coming soon)

Anna Leach

One thought on “Shiny Poll: Have we had too much of Hipstamatic?

  • A victim of it’s own success?!! Wow…things must be pretty slow if this is what you wanna take up arms againstt! Gimme a fukking break…it’s a photo app that is a fluffy bit-o-fun….let’s just move on, shall we?!!

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