Poll: have you stalked celebrities on Google Streetview?


It’s not like Wednesday is silly survey day, but hey we get a lot of them. Sometimes we like to share.

So a Scottish double-glazing firm have ascertained that 34% of Britons have used Google Streetview to stalk celebrity homes. The most stalked celebrity according to www.centralscotlandjoinery.co.uk is Barack Obama who lives in the White House of course, followed by Hugh Hefner the porn baron who resides in Playboy Mansion in LA, and Steve Jobs in Palo Alto.

Of course, it’s not really “stalking” in the pure sense, it’s more like looking at a picture of their house from 2008 -when the Google cameras took all the pictures. (Hell, Barack Obama wasn’t even in the White House in 2008, so I don’t think that even counts).

Even more than celebrity pads, people want to see their childhood homes with 47% saying they’d searched for their childhood house using the tool. 16% of Street View users said they had searched for ex-partner’s houses.

These, if you’re interested, are the houses of famouses that people most want to look at on Google Streetview.

1. Barack Obama/White House – Washington DC- 19%
2. Hugh Hefner – Los Angeles, USA- 17%
3. Steve Jobs – California, USA – 16%
4. David and Victoria Beckham – Hertfordshire, UK – 13%
5. Simon Cowell – Beverley Hills, USA – 12%
6. Bill Gates – Washington State, USA- 11%
7. Jennifer Aniston – Malibu, USA – 8%
8. Jay Z and Beyonce – Miami, USA – 8%
9. Katie Price – Brighton, UK – 7%
10. Kate Moss – North London, UK – 6%

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