Jordan's iPod range, and why it's probably not what Steve Jobs would have wanted

She is picturesque in her own way. She is also a collagen-pumped attention-seeking celeb. And her covered in skin-tight silver lycra is probably not what Steve Jobs or his Apple engineers had in mind when they designed the iPod.

In fact when Katie Price aka Jordan dressed up as an iPod, it really didn’t look like an iPod at all. It looked like this:


To be honest I quite like the iPod worn as head-dress. Those Nanos as earrings are kind of cool. But I will swear that nothing with that much cleavage has ever come out of Cupertino. She doesn’t look any more like an iPod than Lady Gaga does. Nor any other MP3 player that I can think of. Anyway, Katie Price pulled off the stunt to advertise her own brand of specially adapted iPod cases. They’re pink, of course and have little hearts on them, and her er, coat of arms. There they are:


The Katie Price iPods Classics are on sale from her website.

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Anna Leach


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