What library? Students spend equivalent of a day a week on Social Networking


It’s probably not news to you that students spend a lot of time bumbling around on the internet looking up weird stuff and chatting to each other on Facebook. Some statistics out today show just how much they’re doing it. Time spent on social-networking sites adds up to be the equivalent of a full day’s work at 7.5 hours a week. That doesn’t include time spent on the internet doing other things – 13 hours, or time spent on iPhones or Blackberrys – for which there are no statistics.

It seems that a smartphone is now more of a student essential than a television, and that many people are watching films on TV.

The data comes from a survey by consumer review site Reevoo.com.

· Students are spending the equivalent of a full working day (7.5 hours) on social networking sites every week

· Undergraduates spend more than 13 hours surfing the internet, three and a half hours shopping online and watch an average of two films a week on laptops

· They spend just nine and a half hours a week on coursework

· Almost two thirds (61%) of students say sites such as Facebook are the main cause of distraction from their studies, topping hangovers and student-favourite daytime TV

· Almost a third of those surveyed claiming that no student should be without an iPhone or Blackberry – making it more of an essential than a television

Well if they want to grow up to be social media experts – they are probably doing the right thing. If they want to be doctors, then can somebody please take the computer away from them and let them back to looking at books about how the human body works.

Anna Leach


  • Nobody knows where this will lead us, social networks destroys not even student day planning..www.effectivepapers.com

  • Glad to know you see the point I was making. I still do not see even Facebook being an issue as it can be a potential collaboration tool with fellow students (third party apps and games however are a different story). As with anything, moderation and balance are the key. That, I hope, is something students learn (before college).

  • @Joe B – ha fair point. I DO think computers are great, and was probably being a bit tongue in cheek. maybe they should just install timed Facebook-blockers on their computers.. It doesn’t seem to be doing them any harm anyway…
    Stanford Medical school issued all its first years iPads this year which I think is a great idea..

  • “can somebody please take the computer away from them and let them back to looking at books… “

    Wow. Be careful, you are showing your century. While your article is convincing, you completely blow it with that last line. Computers are one the best modern educational tools today. Books and computers are complimentary, not conflicting.

    -JoeB (over 40, but more importantly, “gets it”)

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