SendSocial: Ditch the real address, and send packages to a Facebook ID

sendsocial screen.png

SendSocial is the web service that allows you to ‘send anything, anywhere, without an address’. Starting at three quid a pop, it lets you post birthday presents to your mates using Twitter and email IDs rather than an actual address. And now, you can send packages using Facebook profiles, too.

Haven’t heard of it yet? Allow us to explain. The idea is that the service makes remembering real addresses unnecessary. If you want to send a parcel to someone, just send their email, Twitter or, as of now, Facebook details to SendSocial. SendSocial will then contact the person in question to request their compliance and their address details – as long as they accept and provide the information, SendSocial will organise the delivery, sending you a label to stick on your parcel, collecting it from you and making sure it gets to the right place.

Yes, for many people this is a bit of a hassle when they can just SMS their friends and say: Btw, what’s your address? But SendSocial argue that it’s a good idea for those who might want to keep their addresses private. (Fine if that’s a celebrity or something. But otherwise, if your mates have decided that you aren’t to be trusted with their address, you’re probably not allowed to send them stuff in the post anyway…)

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