Nokia C6 available sim-free from today – a snippy £289

That Blackberry-like top-end Nokia you’ve been waiting for? It’s here. And it costs £289. That’s £210 cheaper than the iPhone 4 I hear you say, and you’re right. Very right.

The C6 is an email focussed phone and sports a full QWERTY keypad on a horizontal slider. Like the successful N97, it’s geared to professional types who want a hard-working easy-to-type-on phone. Nokia-heads will appreciate the familiar interface.

It’s a 3.2″ screen which they claim is highly responsive (though note it’s a resistive screen not a capacitive one so you need to properly click it rather than just touch it). Home page widgets provide access to social networking sites and the home page can be customised with wallpapers, webpage shortcuts and screensavers.

A 5 megapixel digital camera with dual LED flash should make for decent pictures and the Ovi music and app stores come preloaded.

Available in black or white.

Full specs here.

The Nokia C6 is available sim-free for £289 from Nokia
Network deals to be announced shortly

See C6 gallery below:

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