Comments on Likes and Websites Posting to your Newsfeed: New powers for Facebook Like Button

939thumb.jpgExternal websites will be able to post content to your Facebook wall, in a significant change to Facebook’s Like button, described as “HUGE” by

If you like a post on, say this website, then not only will it turn up on your Facebook profile [.. Anna liked this post etc etc] but we would then be able to post other stuff to your news feed, for example when other people like the page. Even if those people aren’t your friends and are only connected to you by you both liking the same webpage: “Jane Smith liked this post too”.

You see? It’s one step in Facebook’s great push to making their site much more open. Making it the channel through which the flow of content courses.

Facebook explained the new powers of the Like button in a post “Adding More Features to the Like Button” on their blog.

They’ve also added the ability to comment on likes. See the picture below. And have added in some analytics for website publishers letting them see how their content spreads on Facebook and who clicks on it.


This little Like Button is getting more powerful..

Anna Leach


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