World Cup – Each England goal worth £126 million to UK economy

Just to prove that we Brits need no more than the slightest excuse to go shopping, the price comparison experts at Kelkoo reveal that our spending is set to increase – quite substantially – with the onset of the World Cup. They predict that every goal scored beyond the group stages could be worth £126 million to UK retailers, with a potential £2.01 billion boost to businesses if England make it to the final.

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, that is a lot of novelty cross-of-St George wigs. But, from flat-screen TVs to flights to South Africa, this tournament will give us plenty to blow our hard-earned cash on.

Taking into consideration the 2006 World Cup, trade estimates and past research reports, the research – commissioned by and carried out by the Centre for Retail Research – has analysed how consumer spending could impact UK retailers as the competition progresses. And after the second round, it seems that the biggest rise in spending could be on food and drink (£459 million), TV and electricals (£250 million) and sportswear (£200 million). Because, let’s face it – you’re not a real fan unless you’ve got an England shirt with ‘Smithy’ (or some other crushingly unimaginative nickname) on the back.

Kelkoo have very helpfully compiled a buying guide of everything you’ll need to get us through the sporting event of 2010 – TVs, projectors, radios, and those all-important mini fridges. Check it out here.

Ashley Norris