The USB-powered itching removal instrument

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In a list of unecessary gadgets, surely the USB-powered itching removal instrument would be pushing for a top three position along with the err, burger-shaped hand-warmer and the iPad*.

Why someone decided to design and then make the USB-powered itching removal instrument is a mystery to me. But since I’m endlessly fascinated by what people do with USB ports, I thought we should give this little creation a quickie post.

So, you’ve got an itch on your arm, perhaps from a mosquito bite. You could just scratch it with the hand on the opposing arm. But does your hand come with “integrated with electronic and optical spectrum technology”?

Chances are that it doesn’t. Chances are that your fingers won’t emit

Brando claim: “ If you use this product after bite by insects such as mosquito, bee, flea, louse etc., the tumescence will be eliminated in a short time so as to avoid chafing.”

We can’t officialy dispute that claim, but if you think that shining a light on a bite makes it less itchy, you’re thinking wrong. As someone who suffers from bites, I have tried most things and anti-histamines are the only sure-fire cure. Sure, if you’ve tragically lost your fingers in an accident this itching aid could come in handy. Otherwise think long and hard before you blow your cash on this…

Itching Removal Instrument, $15 on Brando

*joking, joking.

Anna Leach