Tesco announce iPhone 4 prices – we like the £20 deal

Tesco have finally launched their iPhone 4 pricing plans and we’re impressed. The price-slashing supermarket has actually offered a decent £20 a month contract.

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For £20 a month you’ll get unlimited texts, 250 minutes a month and a respectable 1GB of data. (In these dark days of limited data deals, that’s not too bad.)

Tescos are one of five UK networks that will sell the iPhone, the others include O2, Vodafone, Orange and Three.

The catch with the Tesco contract is the up-front price. You’ll need to hand over £369 to get the iPhone 4 on their cheapest deal. Tescos is offering a good deal for people who don’t want to be tied into long-term expensive contracts – all their contracts are a standard 12 months allowing people the option out anytime after that’s over.

Okay, so in our quest for the best budget contract, here are a few sums:

The Tescos £20 a month deal
[1gb, 250min, unlimited txts] £349 + 24×20 = £829
we’ve stretched it out over 2 years for comparison, though you could just get it for one:
£349 + 12×20 = £589

See our next article for a comparision of all the best budget deals on the new iPhone.

Anna Leach


  • Guys, you have made a mistake, the cost of the Tesco iphone (£35.00 per month contract) is £229.00, NOT £299.00.

  • If you think UK prices are high, take a look at the WTF??!! German prices. As for T-Mobile’s Teutonic tariffs, those with dicky hearts and nervous dispositions should look away now! And yet still the company’s website couldn’t handle all the interest! It might be a super phone but oh boy is it going to cost

  • Surely you should also compare what you are getting, not just the cost of the tariff. O2 do not offer 1Gb internet on the £35 tariff!

  • Well, good if you don’t want a long contract, but if you do the maths against a 24 month contract from O2, you will end up paying a lot more per month on its actual cost!


    Iphone 4 32Gb

    Tesco 12 months at £35 per month
    Cost £299 + 12 X £35 = £719 total cost
    £719 / 12 months = £59.91 actual cost per month

    O2 24 months at £35 per month
    Cost £209 + 24 X £35 = £1,049 total cost
    £1,049 / 24 months = £43,70 actual cost per month

    Therefore not so sure if it is really worth buying on a 12 months contract!

    • Silly calculation! It is not fair at all!

      After 12 month contract, you can easily transfer to O2 simplicity iPhone 20 tariff, which is equivalent to the 24mth iPhone 35 tariff.

      In this case, iPhone 4 32Gb

      Tesco 12 months at £35 per month + 12 mth simplicity at £20 per month
      Cost £299 + 12 X £35 + 12 X £20= £959 total cost
      £959 / 24 months = £39.96 actual cost per month

      O2 24 months at £35 per month
      Cost £209 + 24 X £35 = £1,049 total cost
      £1,049 / 24 months = £43,70 actual cost per month

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