What the new iPhone Operating System iOS4 won't bring to older models

Thumbnail image for 864 wallpaer.jpgAn updated iPhone means an updated operating system, but some nice bits of iOS4 (the all-new sparkly operating system out with iPhone 4) won’t be available for the older iPhone models.

Updates that won’t be making their way down to the iPhone 1 include multitasking. Old iPhones will still be taking things one app at a time. Another update that the 3G and the iPhone 1 are missing out on is the wallpaper function that lets you customise your iPhone home screen. iOS 4 lets you set a wallpaper not only for the lock screen (as previously available), but also for the home screen.

Aw. Us old 3G users will just have to stick with those Robert Pattinson silicon skins to personalise our phones.

iPad owners will be be getting the update to iOS4 in September. Though they can look forward to lots of special iPad only features.

iOS4 is rolling out over the next few days, but with the demand on Apple’s servers it may not be available for all phones immediately.

UPDATED: 18:30 22/06/10

Anna Leach


  • Hi Shiny Otaku,

    with my Apple 3GS (Germany), it does not. Not even with your instructions.


  • Toy headline us incorrect. The new iOS4 for the iPhone 3GS can customize the background if you select settings -> wallpaper -> then choose which image you want to use. It’s quite a nice feature. So, please do your homework before placing a headline like that. Hanks Shiny Otaku (www.shinyotaku.com)

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