The top 10 hipstamatic combinations

I’m a big fan of the hipstamtic app for the iPhone. It’s quickly become a ubiquitous app, all but usurping the standard camera app for most users.

One of the best things about the lomo simulator is the sheer breadth of options in terms of lenses, film and flashes. The amount of combinations available is mind boggling, and clearly I’m not going to go into every one right now — that’d be silly.

I am however going to present you with my favourite film-lense-flash combinations I’ve discovered so far after six or so months using the app. Do you know what would be super ace too? If you guys sent in examples of your favourite combinations — then I’ll turn the best ones into a gallery, and for the sake of a competition, I’ll crown a winner. You don’t win anything mind, other than the satisifcation of knowing you’re The Hipstamatic Shiny Shiny Champion 2010 — you can put that on your CV! Send them to [email protected]!



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