Stiletto Speakers – where sound systems meet shoes

If you are fed up with your desk being covered in boxy black and grey gadgets – printers, monitors, hard-drives – you can add a splash of colour with your speakers. Colour – and an unusual shape that is. These stiletto-shaped speaker from GadgetShop are called Gimme Tunes (there’s a shoe-related pun there, see if you can spot it) and will play from any music device with a 3.5mm jack. Power them through the USB cable connected to your computer.

Obviously these speakers are not for everybody, but you are really into your shoes, like the idea of playing Kylie out of a pair of stillettos, and want your computer desk to stand out, these are the desktop speakers for you. [I say “play Kylie” but by all means play Ramstein or whatever music you fancy.]

Previously only available in pink, a red version has just been released. No, you can’t wear them.

As for the sound quality..? Well, we just asked and they said: “It’s not the same as a hifi but it’s ideal for listening from your PC.” There you go.

Gimme Tunes are £24.99 from GadgetShop

Anna Leach