Head to Head: how will Dell's Android-powered Streak match the iPad?

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The iPad will have barely arrived in the UK market before Dell get an Android-powered 5 incher out into shops. The computer makers have just announced the Streak, a tablet that will be powered by Google’s operating system and an HTC processor – the one that runs in HTC’s latest Desire handset.

Are we interested? Yes. Here’s how it stacks up with its great rival: the iPad

Streak – 5″ screen about the size of a paperback book
iPad – 9″ capacitive screen

Streak – Yes, 5mp with LED flash
iPad – No

Streak – Expandable memory via Micro SD cards, up to 32GB capacity
iPad – Purchasable from 16gb up to 64gb

Internet connection
Streak – 3G, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
iPad – Wi-Fi only or 3G and Wifi

Streak – 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon, same as in HTC Desire
iPad – Apple custom chip, A4 which runs at 1GHz

Streak – can support Flash and multitasking
iPad – doesn’t support Flash or multitasking, perhaps

This is the big question – is how much is the damn thing will cost. If it’s significantly cheaper than the iPad, the Streak will have a massive advantage.
Streak – as yet unannounced, will be on O2
iPad – £429 (cheapest)

Conclusion: If it’s under £200 and it’s fast, and someone makes a keyboard extension.. I’m interested.

[O2 press release]

Anna Leach

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