Five things we'd miss about Bebo

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Rumours are flying that Bebo, the social networking site beloved of tweens,
is on the rocks. A buyer can’t be found and the site might have to be closed. Founder Michael Birch sold Bebo in 2008 for 850 million dollars. Now it’s seemingly worth a bit less than that.

But I personally would be very disappointed if it shut. Here are five reasons I’d miss it:

ONE: My Bebo profile- what’s going to happen to my lovingly crafted profile, AOL? I put a lot of thought into that back in the day. Okay I don’t check it any more but I like to know it’s there.

TWO: All the memories- Bebo is the site of my first awkward teenage flirtations. Taking the site down Is like someone knocking down the cinema where you had your first date, or your primary school or your old house. It’s like your history is getting destroyed.

THREE: Being able to make jokes about going on Bebo. The jokes won’t work anymore because the site will be dead.

FOUR: Bebo has always been useful for finding out embarrassing information about your friends/siblings from when they were teenagers.

FIVE: I’m worried it might cause an influx of pre-teens onto Facebook. God knows there are enough people on there as it is. I’m going to have to stop swearing in my status updates.

Bebo – we’ll miss you.

Anna Leach


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