Augmented Reality app StreetMuseum layers history over London streets

756 ar app 2.jpg

If you like the way blue plaques bring history to life in modern cities, meet the Museum of London’s Augmented Reality app – StreetMuseum.

Take a selected historical landmark in London point your iPhone 3Gs at it (sorry guys that’s the only device that works) and watch as facades crumble under bombing raids, as hippies stroll around and.

Okay it’s not exactly like being back in 1941, more like holding up an old photograph to a modern street, but still pretty cool and a really interesting use of AR.

You can just imagine this being done with Google Streetview pictures from 2008 twenty years in the future. Weird. It creates an interesting sense of layered history. Like a archaeological pile of images.

Props to the Museum of London for launching into this territory. When this gets rolled out to some more mobile phones it will be amazing.

756 ar app.jpg

Anna Leach


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