Reviewed: the app that proves your partner snores

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Now, we never said smartphones were good for your relationships. So as a quick word of warning before we tell you about this app: we’re not taking responsibility for its consequences.

Stop Snoring & Alarm is an app that detects when you or your significant other are snoring. Open the app and leave it on when you go to sleep. If it detect snoring sounds an alarm will go off. (in a nice feature, you can switch the alarm off from a distance by clapping.)

If you’re not the snorer, this app may be good – you’re already woken up by the snoring so you don’t mind the alarm, you have concrete machine-verified proof that your partner was snoring and they’re woken too, forcing them to stop the afore-mentioned snoring. A win situation for you.

If you are the snorer I imagine you’ll be pretty damn pissed off at being woken up at all times of the night and you’ll have your defence of “what?! I don’t snore!” stripped away from you. You may not be in a good mood when this thing goes off at 3.40am.

Though, that’s only one setting and you can also use it to record when you snore and then pick it up a little analysis of your sleep pattern in the morning recording the times you snored and how long for.

In the interests of investigative journalism I just downloaded this and spent several minutes making snorting and heavy breathing sounds into my iPhone. And the answer is yes, it sure does work. It actually picks any sound including singing and talking, so if you talk in your sleep this will pick you on that too.

Initially I found the options a little tricky to navigate (wasted about a minute of snoring sounds because I hadn’t turned the alarm on) but after you’ve figured out the set-up, it’s quite straighforward.

Well, we’re not recommending it, we’re just saying it’s out there.

Stop Snoring & Alarm is by Little Worlds and costs £0.59 from iTunes

Anna Leach

One thought on “Reviewed: the app that proves your partner snores

  • Hm. A product that WAKES YOU UP when you are snoring? Most people that snore probably don’t get as good as sleep anyway. Why would you want to wake yourself up constantly? I went through a sleep study and they charged me out the yin-yang. I paid probably $2500 just for them to tell me they want me fitted with a CPAP mask and go through ANOTHER sleep study. It ticked me off. I am not rich. I blogged about it on my site.
    I ended up using a simple mouthpiece off of amazon. That did the trick for me. Go figure.

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