Revamping the personal brand? site Doyoubuzz does more than CVs

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Need a little personal rebranding? Well this website won’t offer you a wardrobe update, or rejig your light conversation but it does let you vamp up your CV and present it in a better way. Particularly useful if you need to include a portfolio with your work.

French site Doyoubuzz has crossed the Channel and is just launching in the UK and US rivalling existing sites like Linked-In.

So why would you get yet another networking site profile? Well, because this one lets you be a bit more creative with your page – you can skin it up in different ways and use it to displays pictures or videos of your work.

Anyone who has used Linked-In can see it is geared towards the City Law firm recruitment above all other professional sectors.Great idea, but it’s very corporate and very clean and its lines of text boxes don’t let you express very much of what is is you do. Particularly if that’s something like graphic design or architecture or video editing.

Describing itself as free, elegant and multimedia, it also claims to have great search optimisation and gives you feedback on who has viewed your site.

You can also plug in your profiles on other sites to make things more connected up.

[via TechCrunch]

Anna Leach